M-5030/M-6030/M-8036 – Mobile Conveyors

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M-5030 Mobile Conveyor

With the IROCK’S M-5030, a little goes a long way. The M-5030, the smallest of our conveyors, weighs only 5,800 lbs. This unit is 30 inches wide and 50 feet long. It carries a 10-horsepower engine, and can stockpile up to 22 feet.

M-6030 Mobile Conveyor

The 7,100-pound IROCK M-6030 features a 10-horsepower electric engine. The heavy-duty unit is 30 inches wide and 60 feet long, and it can stockpile materials as high as 24.5 feet.

M-8036 Mobile Conveyor

A durable design and CAT C2.2 50-horsepower engine make the M-8036 is perfect for a variety of rugged applications. This 15,000-pound unit features a conveyor that is 36 inches wide and 80 feet long, and it can stockpile materials up to 30 feet.

IDEAL INDUSTRIES: Sand and gravel, coal, topsoil, crushed stone and recycling



  • Heavy-duty components and channel frame make for an efficient and durable unit that will provide years of reliable service.
  • The fifth-wheel pin with radial plate makes it easy to rotate the conveyor 180 degrees for optimal stockpiling.
  • The oversized receiving hopper reduces spillage and works with larger screening and crushing plants.
  • Additional upgrades include diesel hydraulic power, hydraulic raise, brakes, light package, power travel and chevron belting.


MODEL M-5030 M-6030 M-8036
ENGINE 10-horsepower
CAT® C2.2
rated at 50 HP
22 feet 24 feet, 6 inches 30 feet
50 feet 60 feet 80 feet
CONVEYOR WIDTH 30 inches 30 inches 36 inches
WEIGHT 5,800 pounds 7,100 pounds 15,000 pounds